Connection 40x60 cm - without finished edges

Cleaning mats - Connection 40x60 cm - without finished edges - E-RIN-CONN46 - 922 hnědá - bez úpravy okrajů
code: E-RIN-CONN46

Contract cleaning mat/zone 40x60 cm made of 100% polyamide
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1 048 Kč/ks
866 Kč/ks without VAT
Description and parameters


  • Cleaning mat made of polyamide
  • Dimensions 40x60 cm
  • The mat is without finished edges
  • Reliably absorbs water and traps dirt and grime
  • Suitable for indoor areas
  • Suitable also for staircases and elevators


If you would like this mat in a different size, colour or edges and you cannot find it in our e-shop, please contact us with your request.

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